Andrew Gray is the nicest guy you ever want to meet. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to any type of mortgage loan and is up to date on all the new changes in the mortgage industry. He works hard to get the best rates for the consumer. My clients are very satisfied with his services. He gets the job done!
– Shelly P.

I just worked with Andrew on a purchase transaction, and I must say that he delivered in every way that he promised. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting their deals closed with ZERO drama.
– Craig B.

Andrew is one of the best Sr. Loan Consultants and Brokers one could have the pleasure of working with. His vast knowledge of the housing market and banking industry is by far the most up to date that I have seen in a long time. It would be a pleasure to work with this professional.
– Richard K.

Andrew is the best, so please use him!
– Carol V.

Andrew has proven himself to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the lending industry. He knows his business and he keeps his word. I highly recommend him to anyone who desires a timely, smooth real estate transaction.
– Steve F.